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Are you tired of paying for fertilizer for your garden year after year?  Now you can turn your trash into garden gold treasure by making your own fertilizer.  Click for the FREE ebook – The Organic Gardener’s Handbook of Composting.

DIY Dirt-y Underwear Soil Analysis

Now, who says gardening can't be fun - when you can use cotton boxers to diagnose the nutrients in your soil?  The Soil Conservation Council of Canada is conducting a fun campaign.  They are asking you to "plant" a pair of 100% men's cotton underwear in the ground...

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DIY Potting Bench in an Hour for Under $5

As I am sure almost everyone out there knows from experience, it is hard to keep going when your back hurts. And even if you force yourself to keep going, at the end of the day it is hard to have a smile on your face and even harder to sleep. So, I am hugely in favor...

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Quick and Dirty Guide to Propagating Perennials

Yep - propagating is quick and it can be dirty. But it is always rewarding and can save you quite a bit of money. The previous post discussed WHY you should propagate. If you are here, I believe that I convinced you to try your hand at making more of what you already...

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Arch Trellis for Cukes, Melons, and Squash

Trellises are really critical in gardening if you want to grow up.  As discussed on a prior post, there are several reasons for growing up. One is the space saving aspect of growing up instead of growing horizontally.  In the same space, if you garden vertically, you...

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